Opticlimate Pro = Cooling + Heating + Dehumidifying + Circulation + Filtering air

1+1= 3+System

By using 2 OptiClimates and 2 rooms and by placing 2 ventilators between the rooms, the day room will heat the night room, and the night room will cool the day room.  With this simple set-up, you will be able to realise a higher cooling capacity using less power.

Unique functions

Dual room operation: with this function a single Opticlimate can be used to cool two rooms at the same time.
Pre-Heat: preheats the room when changing over from night to day.
Alarm log function: this function can be used to view any alerts



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Some product details

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“I am a very satisfied user of the OptiClimate, all made promesses or true  and would not hesitate to purchase another OptiClimate.”

Kevin Duchain